How bail bonds work

When a person is arrested a bail amount is set according to the charges. Bail is used to release a suspect from jail to lead their normal life before the trial date, with the understanding that the person will return for trial and won’t miss any of the following court dates.

The options:

At this point you could post the bail amount cash directly to the jail, or use a bail bonds company. If you pay the city directly you will only get a small portion of that money back when the case is resolved. Don’t have the cash? Use a Bail Bonds Agent! A bail bonds agent will pay your entire bond amount to the city in order to release the defendant in a timely manner.

The cost?

The cost of this process is 10% of the full bond amount with $100 minimum per bond (Rates vary for emigrational bonds). Collateral and a cosigner are also needed.
What is collateral and what can serve as such?
When a bondsman posts the full bond amount to release the client, it is understood that the client must return to the court hearings and resolve their case. To insure that the defendant will not miss their court date in which case the bondsman looses the invested money, collateral to cover the entire amount of the bond is required.

What can serve as collateral:
Checking Account,
Real Estate,
Electronics or other valuables.

Once the case is resolved you will get your collateral back.

Certain cases may qualify for service with no collateral. Call 786-970-9337

How long will it take to release the defendant?

After the bond has been posted it largely depends on the jail: On the efficiency of the officers, on how many people have been arrested before your friend, and on how busy the day is. In a rough estimate it should be from 4-8 hours after the bond has been posted.

After the defendant is released they are obliged to come in to our office to sign the needed documents within 24 to 48 hours.

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