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How Bail Bonds works in Florida:

When a person is arrested, a bail amount is set according to the charges. Bail is used to release a suspect from jail before the trial date, with the understanding that the person will return for trial and won’t miss any of the preceding court dates.

The options:

If your friend or family member has been arrested, and you would like to post their bond in order to get them out as soon as possible, you have a couple of options. You could pay the full bail amount, in cash, directly to the jail, or use a Bail Bonds company. If you pay the jail directly, and the defendant obeys all the rules of the court and attends all court dates, you may only get a portion of that money back when the case is resolved after all court fees and fines are deducted.

For example, if the defendant’s bail is set at $5,000, you will need to pay the entire $5,000 to the jail. The jail and courts will deduct any fees, penalties, and/or fines from the money you paid for bail and you have no control over this! People who pay their bonds in full to the jail almost NEVER get back the full amount.



Always use a Florida Licensed Bail Bond Agent!

A Bail Bond agent will pay the entire bond amount in order to release the defendant in a timely manner. Instead of paying the full amount of the bond directly to the jail, you only pay a small portion of your bail to the Bail Bond Agent.

The cost?

If you use a Bail Bond Agent and the defendant follows a few simple rules, you will never pay the full amount of the bond! You will only pay a fee to the Bail Bond Agent of 10% of each bond (15% for federal bonds). There is a minimum fee of $100 for all bonds under $1,000.

For example, a $750 bond carries a $100 fee, a $1,500 bond carries a $150 fee, and $7500 bond carries a $750 fee. Call us now for a free consultation and an exact quote – 954-299-0992

Remember! Florida Bail Bonds is a regulated industry and we are required to charge according to the fee structure set by the Florida Department of Financial Services as described above. Charging anything more, or anything less to get your business is against the law!.

We understand that times can be tough and payment plans are available. Call us now at 954-299-0992 for a free consultation where we will be happy to explain the process.

How long will it take to release the defendant?

After the bond has been posted, it largely depends on the jail, on the efficiency of the officers, on how many people have been arrested, and on how busy the day is. A rough estimate for release from jail is between 4-8 hours after the bond has been posted.

After the defendant is released they are required to come in to our office to sign the needed documents within 24 to 48 hours.


Two ways to clear a warrant:

1. Self surrender – Come to the office and complete all necessary forms. After, you will proceed with one of our agents to the main jail in which you will undergo a complete booking process. Generally, this can take between 8 to 16 hours.

2.Doing a “walk through” or “lobby surrender” – Come to the office and complete all necessary forms. After, you will be accompanied by an agent over to the main jail where we will inform them of your open warrant and our intent to post your bond.  The deputies at the jail will have you complete an application at which time the Agent will post your bond. Immediately after returning from posting your bond, you will be immediately allowed to leave with you warrant now “lifted.”

Have questions? Call 954-299-0992 we will be happy to guide you through the process. Or visit our FAQ page.